The Definition of a Bridge:

Something that makes a physical connection between two other things.

This is Egerøy Bridge; it was built in 1951 and it connects the small island of Egerøy to the southwest coast of Norway. Before the bridge was built the only way over to the mainland was by boat. My father was born on the island and then immigrated to America in 1955.

I crossed the bridge for the first time in 1969. I was eleven and can still remember how excited I was to be going to Norway to visit my grandmother.

Crossing the bridge on my second trip in 1971, I was less than enthusiastic. I wanted to go to Florida that year, but my parents had other plans.

In 1973, I crossed the bridge looking for adventure. After meeting a boy thats exactly what I found. Driving over on my way back home I made a vow to return the following summer, and I did…

When I crossed the bridge in 1974, I was unknowingly put on the path to my destiny. A destiny that would take years for me to find, but first I had to go home and make all my mistakes.

It would take ten long years for me to find my way across the bridge again and yet, it still wasn’t our time.

Two years later in 1986, destiny called me back.

In 1988, he made his first crossing to my side of the bridge, in America.

Then in 1989, after twenty years of crossings, the bridge became a threshold to a new life and I made his side of the bridge, in Norway, my permanent home.





About maggiemyklebust

I grew up on the Jersey Shore and now live in Norway. I have also lived in Houston and the Netherlands. I have written a memoir called Fly Away Home.

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  1. Well written and meaningful, Maggie. Best of all, you are appreciating how your life has unfolded and where you are today.

  2. Thanks Sylvia, and you know what?
    I do appreciate where I am today.

  3. Maggie, this is a wonderful post – I love it! It’s very emotive. I am really freaked out by bridges, they weird me out. Obviously I understand the use of them and the impressiveness of the engineering aspect, but this is such a positive and inspiring metaphor that you’ve created here. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  4. Bridges are fine, its tunnels that freak me out.
    Thanks Kate!

  5. I love the bridge as a symbol. I hope that in future posts we will hear more about what took you to Norway, and what life is like there for someone who grew up on the Jersey Shore. Great post.

  6. Thanks, I appreciate it and Believe me, there’s a lot more on that subject!

  7. How observant you are 😉

  8. Nice……

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